Join our new FREE group on Music and Transformation


I would like to invite you to join our new group Sounds Transformative for those interested in discussing and experiencing the relationship between Music and Transformation.  In this informal group the facilitator will suggest topics to be discussed and will share music to be experienced. Some of the topics that may be addressed are: the power of music, transformation, spirituality in music, consciousness, human potential, deep listening and many others. This is a group for music lovers, musicians, and all persons interested in personal growth, consciousness and spirituality. This group is inclusive of many forms of music (pop, instrumental, world music, etc.) and specifically music that is not usually considered sacred or spiritual. We are not affiliated with any particular spiritual worldview.

This is a FREE group.

We meet regularly in a coffee shop in San Francisco. Our meetings last 1 hr to 1hr 30min.

Please email if you are interested in attending.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

Joseh Garcia

About Joseh Garcia

PhD in Psychology, musician, filmmaker, writer. Psicólogo, músico, cineasta, escritor.
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