Does Changing the Scale of a Song Alter your Emotional Experience of it?

A lot has been said about how minor and major chords in Western Music are associated with certain emotional fields. Minor chord songs tend to feel wistful, reflective, or sad while major chord songs are said to be experienced as extroverted, bright, and happy.

Major Scaled TV puts this theory to the test by digitally altering the scale of some songs. Check here how the song “Losing my Religion” by R.E.M, originally in minor chords, feels to you in a major chords version.


How do you experience it?

And how different is it from your experience with the original version?


About Joseh Garcia

PhD in Psychology, musician, filmmaker, writer. Psicólogo, músico, cineasta, escritor.
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2 Responses to Does Changing the Scale of a Song Alter your Emotional Experience of it?

  1. sparklepantsjim says:


    Thanks for posting this. Very cool! I definitely feel that the song redone in a major key makes it brighter. It may be that I’m already used to the minor key version, but given the content of the lyrics, I feel that the minor key suits it better. I also noticed that, aside from major/minor, the high pitched guitar( I think it’s a guitar, but it could be a different string instrument) always gives a certain brightness to the song, even if it’s dealing with religious angst.

    I’m very interested in the effect of scale on how a song feels. I have a book, which I wish had an accompanying CD or that I was a keyboard player, that transposes the same songs into several of the different modes. I’d be glad to show it to you when you’re back in the bay.

    Hugs Jim e

    • Joseh Garcia says:

      Jim e,
      So happy with your comment. Thanks for stopping by and reading/listening this post. I would love to see this book you mentioned when I am back to SF.
      See you then…soon…

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