Celebrating Earth with Brazilian Music

gaia__earth_day-500x333Earth, Terra in Portuguese, our beloved planet, home-spaceship that offers life to us. Colourful, abundant, and giving, the planet is suffering from our unconsciousness and short-sited view of our egotistic actions. Collectively, we are threatening life on this planet and bringing the ecosystem to a collapse. Our present consicousness is being challenged and we need to change our relationship with Earth from one of subject-object to a one of respect and harmony.

On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day and it is my hope that we will develop our connection to a wiser aspect of ourselves and start to make more conscious decisions which take into consideration the impact our actions have on Mother Planet and life on a day-to-day basis!

There are several Brazilian songs that offer some awareness to our relationship to the Planet. Please take a look at the videos below. These are selected songs that you may enjoy and may offer some space for reflection on our own relationship with Earth.

1) Terra – Caetano Veloso

This is one of the most beautiful Brazilian songs ever created about the planet Earth. Caetano Veloso composed Terra inspired by his feelings after he first saw the first picture of Earth in a magazine while in prison. The poetic lyrics speak of a relationship of respect, love, and affection to the Planet: ” From where neither time nor space / May the Force send courage / For us to treat you tenderly / During all the journey / That you carry out in the nothing / Through which you bear / The name of your flesh… / Earth! Earth! / However distant / The wandering navigator / Who could ever forget you?…

2) Nave Terra – Rita Lee

Rita Lee, former member of the band Os Mutantes, has developed a successful solo career in Brazil permeated with witty, intelligent, and unpretentious hits. In 2003, she wrote this ode to Earth inspired by the Christian prayer Hail Mary. ” Spaceship Earth / Full of nature / The sun is with you / Blessed art thou among planets / Blessed is the fruit of thy seed: life, life, life / Holy Earth, mother of humans / Provide us mortals / Now and at the hour of our luck, Amen!

3) Sal da Terra – Beto Guedes

Beto Guedes emerged in the Brazilian musical scene along with the singer Milton Nascimento as part of the group Clube da Esquina. Years later, in 1981, during his solo career he released the song Sal da Terra, and it became one of his greatest hits. The song invites us to bring forth a world in which we treat each other and Earth with respect and love. “ Earth! / You are the most beautiful of planets / They are mistreating you for money / You that are our spaceship, our sister / Sing! / Lead your life in harmony / And feed us with your fruits”.

What do you think of these songs? Have you heard them before? Do you have another song to add to this list?

About Joseh Garcia

PhD in Psychology, musician, filmmaker, writer. Psicólogo, músico, cineasta, escritor.
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