What do Karate, João Gilberto, and Caetano Veloso have in common? – Bossa Nova

music-head-converted copy_edited-1Caetano Veloso, the internationally aclaimed Brazilian singer/songwriter and fan of Bossa Nova, continues to experiment with different sounds and melodies in his recent album Abraçaço. His latest tune is a homage to Bossa Nova. The lyrics eloquently speak of the power of this music genre surprisingly reffering to Brazilian MMA fighters, Bob Dylan, Carlos Lyra, and of course its creator João Gilberto, named as “the warlock of Juazeiro (João’s hometown)”.  Many listeners were surprised that Caetano could find similarities between an agressive sport and the gentle bossa nova. In a recent interview to the Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’, caetano says: “Everybody thinks that bossa nova is birds, blue sea, sweet, and soft, but it is not. It is a gesture of great combative power and it was lived consciously by its inventor.” In order to clarify the connection between combative power and this music genre, it is good to remember that João Gilberto himself defines his own style of playing and singing as a karate kick. Along the same lines Caetano, in the composition A Bossa Nova é foda, elucidates the power of Bossa Nova and gives the listener a ‘kick’ by simply stating: “Bossa Nova is fucking awesome”.  Check the great video below.

About Joseh Garcia

PhD in Psychology, musician, filmmaker, writer. Psicólogo, músico, cineasta, escritor.
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