Mother and Music: Tati Salvator, Silvia Nakkach, Dinize Wales, and Joseh Garcia

Do you remember your mother singing or listening to music at home? How did you experience your mother’s favorite Brazilian songs? In order to celebrate our love for our mothers on this Mother’s day, the Sounds Brazilian blog decided to share precious musical memories that some respected San Francisco Bay Area (USA) artists, educators, and music professionals have of their mothers and Brazilian music.  The anecdotes below are illustrated with photos and wonderful music videos.

Tati Salvator

Tati Salvator and her painting

Tati Salvator is a Brazilian visual artist whose art flourishes in beauty and playfulness. Her art carries vibrant colours and takes inspiration from her vivid experiences growing up in Brazil, and is also influenced by her spiritual values and yoga practices.  Art in Tati’s life came initially as self-healing, and this restorative potential is present in her work and available to those who resonate with her paintings. She is part of a family of artists. Tati’s mother, Alia Dickson Suassuna Medeiros, used to sing Aquarela (Watercolour) by Toquinho along with her. The lyrics playfully describe the creative process of painting as an analogy for the creativity that is involved in creating our lives through the choices we make.

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Tati speaks a bit about these memories with her mother and the song Aquarela:

“This song is really about creativity and the way my mom used to play and change the phrases was a lot of fun. At the end it worked and she did not stop singing because she just could not remember part of the music. Mom made it more fun and it was a surprise each time because I never knew what she would come up with. My mom inspires my siblings and I in so many ways because she shows that not matter how difficult the situation might be, together we will find the strength to go through it. As long as we are a family we are connected and strong. Love is all we need.”



Silvia Nakkach

Silvia Nakkach

Silvia Nakkach is an amazing singer whose wide and deep relationship with music led her to study the connections between music and consciousness. She is a pioneer in the field of Sound Healing and she has released several CDs and books in this area, the most recent being Free your Voice (by Sounds True).  She is also the creator of the Certificate in Sound, Voice, & Music Healing (CIIS), and founder of the school Vox Mundi. Silvia embraces music with open arms, welcoming different sound textures and music from different parts of the world, such as India and Brazil.

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Silvia’s mother’s name was Olga Emilia Saban. Silvia’s early musical memories and passion for Brazilian music might have its origin associated with her mother’s musical taste. Her mother’s favorite song was a classic, the bossa nova Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema) by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.

Silvia speaks tenderly about her mother’s relationship with the song:

“I remember her unbelievable sense of movement and smile when she heard Joao and Jobim singing this song – although she would remember and comment more about Vinicius – She love him as well.”


Dinize Wales

Dinize Wales

The Brazilian producer Dinize Wales left Brazil in 1998 but found a way to carry a bit of Brazil with her through her work. She founded Nativa Productions which has brought many great talented Brazilian singers to the San Francisco Bay Area (USA), such as Djavan and Jorge Ben Jor. Passionate about music and about life, her memories take her back to the warm evenings of her hometown, Natal, the bright smile of her mother, and the beautiful melodies of an unforgettable Brazilian song.

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Dinize remembers her mother and her favorite song A Noite do Meu Bem (The night of my love) by Dolores Duran:

“When I was a child, she used to sing this song to me to put me to bed.  As I got older I remember her singing around the house.”

Can you imagine having this amazing song A Noite do Meu Bem as a lullaby?

No wonder music became such an important part of Dinize Wales’ life:

“Since I can remember, music is a strong part of my life.  I worked in musical theater and promoting events in Brazil.  I decided to do concerts in the US bringing music to the Brazilian community.”


Joseh Garcia

Joseh Garcia

My mother, Diulinda Garcia, is extremely musical. I have many fond memories of her beautiful voice and her singing at home by herself, with friends, and with me. Her deep connection with music modelled for me a relationship of inquiry and curiosity about the musical text of Brazilian popular music (MPB). One of her favorite songs is Por Causa de Você. Thinking of her I recorded this song with pianist Duane Frybarger a few years ago. I usually tell her that we meet in music, and whenever I sing this song I feel we both cross oceans and meet ourselves in a space of beauty, emotion, and tenderness.

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This beautiful song by Tom Jobim and Dolores Duran gained an English version called Don’t Ever Go Away, which is very true to the original. See the lyrics below:

Ah! Take a look and you’ll see the way I have become and the way things became
Sadness and sorrow are here in all little things you touched with your hands
This loving home was a home so happy to protect you and keep you with care
The flowers in the window were smiling, were glowing just knowing you were there
Listen my love, never more, don’t ever go away
We are your life and your dream and we want you to stay
Come in my love, come to me don’t let this heartless world bring another “good-bye”
Embrace me in a simple way don’t speak don’t remember and darling don’t cry

About Joseh Garcia

PhD in Psychology, musician, filmmaker, writer. Psicólogo, músico, cineasta, escritor.
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4 Responses to Mother and Music: Tati Salvator, Silvia Nakkach, Dinize Wales, and Joseh Garcia

  1. A beautiful tribute to mother’s day. Lovely. It’s nice that you contributed your mom’s special song by singing it yourself!

  2. Dinize says:

    This blog is absolutely beautiful and gave tears to my eyes. Thank you for allowed me to honor my mother!

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